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Shotgun Rydr

Shotgun Rydr

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Eliminate the need for gun cases, gun racks, and clutter in your truck.

Saves time when your on the move, between glassing spots, shooting ranges or getting out of the house to check rifles zero before a hunt.

Eliminate lost opportunities,due to a lost zero.

Protect your vehicle, protect your rifle, simplify your setup!!

Utilize space in your vehicle with 2 SHOTGUN RYDR’s in the vehicle. Therefore two less gun cases taking up space.

Shotgun Rydr XL will fit all vehicles with little to no visible gap between the passenger seat and center console. It will also fit in a split bench seat, including back seats.

Shotgun Rydr XL1 will fit all vehicles, with a visible gap Up to 7/8” Those with no visible gap will be a very snug fit, and anything with a visible gap will require this model.

Replaceable non-slip pads can be added to both side of SHOTGUN RYDR’S base to make an even more secure fit.

MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT RIFLE STOCK! with so many variations of rifle stocks it is very important to know what rifle stock you have. All gun stocks listed are the most common gun stocks in their particular brand. All options for gun stocks are either carbon fiber gun stocks or the synthetic factory rifle stocks. with the exception of Boyds gun stocks and the remington 870 option, All other options for rifle stocks are not offered in wood configurations at this time.

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